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Auto Play


Sort results from $select by views/listens (and display views/listens)
$fetch - displays song stats (views, release data, artist, relevant links, download link)

an unsuspecting box of bleach#5112

Customisable playlists that are autoplayed when queue ends


Predefined playlists

Melmsie#0001 support


Dashboard/Web Configuration

Fachi#2927, 🌟Timo#8311, po#8763

Playlist command to save or build queues of songs that we can relaunch with one command anytime


Configure playback speed

✪ George#4831

Ability to disable commands (such as $porn)

Unknown User#0000

Volume normalizer.

Note from devoxin#0001: This one will be hard to implement as this information is not exposed by Lavaplayer. Additionally, only YouTube makes this information public, so unless LP adds this or I can hook another library into lavaplayer, this will most likely not happen any time soon, if at all.

Piggyfacepork#3702, FreezyLemon#0001

Ability to specify time to start from in play command.


24/7 queue support. ("Radio" mode)


Reaction support for the $select command.