Welcome to JukeBot's documentation page!
Here, you'll be able to find information on each command, and a guide on how to Self-Host JukeBot.

Command: $about
Access: everyone
Displays some information about the bot
Command: $announce
Access: dj
Configure track announcements
Command: $bassboost
Access: dj
Bass boosts the audio
Command: $clearqueue
Access: dj
Removes all of the tracks from the queue
Command: $dev
Access: developer
Developer menu
Command: $eval
Access: developer
Evaluate arbitrary code.
Command: $feedback
Access: everyone
Send feedback to the developer
Command: $forceskip
Access: dj
Skip the track without voting
Command: $help
Access: everyone
Displays all commands
Command: $invite
Access: everyone
Displays the bot's invite URL
Command: $lyrics
Access: everyone
Displays lyrics for the currently playing song
Command: $move
Access: dj
Moves a track in the queue
Command: $now
Access: everyone
Displays the currently playing track
Command: $patreon
Access: everyone
Provides a link to JukeBot's Patreon
Command: $pause
Access: dj
Pauses the player
Command: $play
Access: everyone
Finds and plays the provided song query/URL
Command: $playnext
Access: everyone
Finds a track and queues it to be played next
Command: $playrelated
Access: everyone
Enqueues a song similar to the current
Command: $playerstats
Access: developer
Displays player statistics
Command: $porn
Access: everyone (restricted to NSFW channels)
Searches for a track on PornHub and queues it
Command: $queue
Access: everyone
Displays the current queue
Command: $repeat
Access: dj
Loop the queue, track or nothing
Command: $resume
Access: dj
Resumes the player
Command: $save
Access: everyone
DMs you the currently playing track. Specify 'all' to save the queue
Command: $scsearch
Access: everyone
Search SoundCloud and queue the top result
Command: $seek
Access: dj
Move to the specified position in the track
Command: $select
Access: everyone
Search and select from up to 5 tracks
Command: $settings
Access: dj
Manage server-specific settings such as prefix etc
Command: $shuffle
Access: dj
Plays the queue in random order
Command: $skip
Access: everyone
Vote to skip the track
Command: $spotify
Access: donor
Loads a playlist from Spotify
Command: $stats
Access: everyone
Displays JukeBot statistics
Command: $stop
Access: dj
Ends the queue and current track
Command: $undo
Access: everyone
Removes the last song queued by you
Command: $unqueue
Access: dj
Remove a track from the queue
Command: $verify
Access: everyone
Receive your donor rewards if you're a patron
Command: $volume
Access: dj
Adjust the player volume

Required Files:
Java 13
JukeBot or Source

1. Install Java and download JukeBot (Links above)

2. Extract 'JukeBot.tar'

3. Navigate to Discord Developers API

4. Create a new application with the name and avatar filled in, and then click 'Create App'

6. Once your bot's application page has loaded, click 'Create bot user'

7. Note down the Client ID and Token. DO NOT SHARE THE TOKEN WITH ANYONE - A token is equivalent to your bot's password; people can use it to login and perform malicious actions as your bot

8. Open 'config.properties' in Notepad, Vim, etc (or your preferred text editor)

9. Fill in the relevant values. Most can be omitted if the relevant functionality is not required.

10. Save 'config.properties'. Ensure this file is in the same directory as 'JukeBot.jar'!

11. Open a command-line window, navigate to the directory containing 'JukeBot.jar' and enter 'java -jar JukeBot.jar'

12. JukeBot will now launch and login under your newly created bot!

13. Navigate to this link and paste your bot's client ID at the very end to invite it to your server

14. Once your bot is in your server, you can enjoy using it! You can get a complete list of commands using !help (The prefix may be different if you changed it in the config)

Self-hosting can be quite difficult, if you are experiencing issues or struggling to follow a step join the Discord server to receive help!