Frequently Asked Questions
Commonly asked questions about JukeBot. If you have a question, it may already be answered here!

What are the commands for JukeBot?
You can use $help to view JukeBot's commands, or click the Documentation link on the navbar above.

How do I assign a DJ role to someone?
Head to your server settings menu via the dropdown (Click your server name at the top left of the client). Click 'Roles' and create a new role. Name the new role 'DJ' (case-sensitivity matters, you may not put any other characters in the role name). THE DJ ROLE DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY SPECIFIC PERMISSIONS! JukeBot works by checking the roles a user has in the server. Once you have your role setup, find the user you want to assign the role to. Right click them and select 'Roles', and check the newly-created 'DJ' role!

Why does JukeBot leave my server after being added?
JukeBot automatically leaves servers where 60% of the members are made up of bots. This is to ensure JukeBot isn't being added to a bot farm, which can impact performance if it gets out of control.

How do I change JukeBot's prefix?
To change the prefix, run the $settings prefix command (Example: $settings prefix !)

How do I activate my donator benefits?
Link your Discord account to your Patreon account and then run $verify

JukeBot keeps leaving and rejoining the voicechannel!?
Switch voice regions on your server. This is a known Discord issue.